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Latest News! UK workplace pension contributions to rise April 2019

From April 2019, the amount workers pay into their workplace pensions will rise from 3% to 5%. Meaning that an employee earning £27,000 per year will now pay an additonal £45 per month towards their pension.

However, with employer contributions also increasing to 2%, this will increase our example pension pot by an additional £945 per year.

New! Calculator now updated for the 2019/2020 Tax year

We've been hard at work updating our calculator to handle the changes coming in the new financial year. Highlights? Most people in the UK will now have an increased personal tax free allowance of £12,500.

Also for higher rate tax payers, the higher rate won't kick in until earnings exceed £50,000 (£12,500 personal allowance + £37,500 basic tax rate bracket).

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